About Me

2021-08-16 09.21.03Firstly, yes, I am the ‘BBC Dad‘ – the guy who got interrupted on BBC News by his kids in March 2017. Here is the video of that event; here and here are our family statements about it.

Otherwise, I am a professor of international relations in the Political Science and Diplomacy Department of Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea.

PhD, 2005:

  • Political Science
    • International Relations
      • international security
      • international organization
    • Political Theory
  • Ohio State University


Popular Publication Outlets:

Social Media:

Talks & Television Appearances:

My best topical & regional areas are:

  • US Foreign Policy
  • International Relations Theory
  • East Asia
  • Korea
  • International Monetary Fund
  • World Bank

In Busan, I teach US foreign policy, Globalization, Post-9/11 Security, basic IR theory, International Organization, and US politics.

My language training includes: German, French, Russian, Latin, Korean, classical Greek

I lived in Europe for 4 years. I have lived in Korea since summer 2008. I have traveled to about 40 different countries, including North Korea (impressions on that trip here and here).

My wife teaches yoga; we have a daughter and a son. My father is an excellent historian. My mother is a high school English teacher.

What else? In my other life, I would have been a screenwiter, a musician, or a classicist. I enjoy film a lot and write about it infrequently here. I also enjoy classical music very much (Austro-Germans mostly), and I read a lot of course. I find antiquity so fascinating that I took two extra years of grad school just to study Greek and Latin. Reading “Socrates’ Apology” in the original is one of the great achievements of my life. I run but am slow.

Thanks for coming to my site. I hope you like it.

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