What I am Reading


The Long War in Ukraine,” James Goldgeier & Ivo Daalder, 2023

Nuclear armed aggressor or ultimate doomsday prepper? Assessing the grand strategy of a nuclear-armed North Korea,” Todd Robinson & James Platte, 2021

Five Futures for a Troubled Alliance,” Daryl Press & Jennifer Lind, 2021

The Deliberate Employment of US Nuclear Weapons: Escalation Triggers on the Korean Peninsula,” Daryl Press, 2022

Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron, 2022

The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: An Enduring Debate, Ken Waltz & Scott Sagan, 2012

Japan’s Shift to a War Footing,” Zack Cooper & Eric Sayers, 2023

Ukraine and the New Two War Construct,” Raphael Cohen, 2023

American Defense Priorities After Ukraine,” Frank Hoffman, 2023

Is China Planning to Attack Taiwan? A Careful Consideration of Available Evidence Says No,” Timothy Heath, 2022


Foreign Policy Analysis and the International Relations of Asia,” Yuen Foong Khong, 2014

Airpower and Interdiction: Overcoming Defender Advantages,” John Maurer, 2022

The Kadena Conundrum: Developing a Resilient Indo-Pacific Posture,” Stacie Pettyjohn, et al., 2022

The Chinese Invasion of Taiwan,” Mike Pietrucha, 2022

Reassessing China’s Power Projection Capabilities against Taiwan,” Collin Fox et al., 2022

Ukraine’s Dream Could Be Taiwan’s Nightmare,” Michael Spirtas, 2022

Listen to Xi Jinping about Taiwan,” Lyle Morris, 2022

North Korea Raises the Nuclear Stakes,” Sue Mi Terry, 2022

The Tank Is Not Obsolete, and Other Observations About the Future of Combat,” Rob Lee, 2022

Invisible Blockades and Strategic Coercion,” Scott Savitz and Scott Truver, 2022

Ukraine and the Future of Offensive Maneuver,” Stephen Biddle, 2022

How the Weak Can Win – A Primer on Protracted War,” Bret Devereaux, 2022

Strategic Airpower 101,” Bret Devereaux, 2022

Russia’s Dangerous Decline,” Andrea Kendall-Taylor & Michael Kofman, 2022

The Case for Getting Rid of the National Security Strategy,” Justin Logan & Benjamin Friedman, 2022

Nuclear Logics: Contrasting Paths in East Asia and the Middle East, Etel Solingen, 2007

Xi Jinping’s Political Agenda and Leadership: What do we know from his decade in power,” Mixin Pei, 2022

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Nuclear Deterrence 101,” Bret Devereaux, 2022

What’s Missing from Mearsheimer’s Analysis of the Ukraine War,” John Cirincione, 2022

The Sources of Russian Misconduct,” Boris Bondarev, 2022

The Neocons Are Losing. Why Aren’t We Happy?,” Jordan Smith, 2022

We Are On a Path to Nuclear War,” Jeremy Shapiro, 2022

How to Make a Semi-Fascist Party,” Jonathan Chait, 2022

Ukraine’s Path to Victory,” Andriy Zagorodnyuk, 2022

Will Putin’s War in Ukraine Continue Without Him?,” Shawn Cochrane, 2022

The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: More May Be Better,” Kenneth Waltz, 1981

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The Alternate History of China,” Andrew Nathan, 2022

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Central Banks at War,” Paul Poast, 2015

Dueling Realisms,” Stephen Brooks, 1997

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Ukraine’s Lessons for Taiwan,” Jeffrey Hornung, 2022

Rome: Decline and Fall?,” Brett Devereaux, 2022

Xi Jinping’s Quest for Order: Security at Home, Influence Abroad,” Sheena Greitens, 2022

Systemic Errors,” Francis Fukuyama, 2022

Putin Loses No Matter How This Plays Out,” Jean-Baptiste Vilmer, 2022

Is Ron DeSantis the Future of Trumpism?,” Jonathan Chait, 2022

Ukraine’s Lessons for Japan: Securing the First Island Chain,” Nozomu Yoshitomi, 2022

A Proxy War in Ukraine Is the Worst Possible Outcome — Except For All the Others,” Sam Winter-Levy, 2022

The View from Taiwan: Get Real about Territorial Defense,” Lee Hsi-Min & Michael Hunzeker, 2022

How the Weak Can Win: A Primer on Protracted War,” Brett Devereaux, 2022

The Roman Dictatorship: How Did It Work? Did It Work?,” Brett Devereaux, 2022

The Unfreezable Asset: Gold, Sanctions, and Russia,” Daniel McDowell, 2022

China’s Strategic Assessment of Russia: More Complicated than You Think,” Yun Sun, 2022

Waking a Sleeping Giant: What’s Next for German Security Policy?,” Sophia Besch & Sarah Brockmeier, 2022

How the Bundeswehr Should Spend its Money,” Michael Shurkin, 2022

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The Strategy That Can Defeat Putin,” Eliot Cohen, 2022

Making Coercion Work Against Russia,” Jane Vaynman & Tristan Volpe, 2022

Maintaining America’s Nuclear Deterrent,” John Maurer, 2022

The New Strategic Narcissists,” Robert Lieber, 2022

The Military Logic Behind North Korea’s Missile Medley,” Richard Weitz, 2022

Beyond the Korean Peninsula: The Role of the ROK’s Light Aircraft Carrier,” Jihoon Yu, Erik French & Yong Han Park, 2022

Containment 2.0: Sanctions for the Long Haul,” David Lake, 2022

The Russian Military’s Debacle in Ukraine,” Isaac Chotiner & Michael Kofman, 2022

The Russian Sanctions Regime and the Risk of Catastrophic Success,” Erik Sand & Suzanne Freeman, 2022

The Unknown Oligarch Fighting for an Endless Korean War,” Eli Clifton, 2022

The Dangerous Allure of the No-Fly Zone,” Mike Pietrucha & Mike Benitez, 2022

The Sorry State of Russia,” Andrew Wood, 2022

Dangerous Revisionism,” Francis Fukuyama, 2022

The Timing of Peace Initiatives: Hurting Stalemates and Ripe Moments,” William Zartman, 2001

Why Europe has No Say in the Ukraine Crisis,” Jeremy Shapiro, 2022

Two-Level Game and the Politics of the United States-North Korea Negotiation,” Ihn-Hwi Park, 2020

South Korea’s Foreign Relations and Security Policies,” Scott Snyder & Leif-Eric Easley, 2014

The Impact of Political Alternation on South Korea’s Foreign Policy,” Marco Milani and Antonio Fiori, 2019

Seoul Must Step Up,” Suk-Yeol Yoon, 2022

After Elections, South Korea could become more Hawkish, Combative,” Daniel Larison, 2022

Noble House, James Clavell, 1981

South Korea’s New President Understands the Threat From Pyongyang,” Benjamin Young, 2022

America Needs to Watch South Korea’s Presidential Election,” Victor Cha, 2021

North Korea’s War on Women,” Joshua Stanton, 2022

South Korea’s Domestic Political Divide on North Korea,” Clint Work, 2018

South Koreans Could Learn A Lot From the War in Ukraine,” In-Bum Chun, 2022

Progressive and Conservative Visions of Inter-Korean Relations,” Marco Milani, 2019

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Invading Ukraine is a really Bad Idea,” Matt Yglesias, 2022

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Signaling America’s New Middle East Foreign Policy,” Morgan Kaplan, 2022

The Gold Medal for Foreign Policy Goes to Germany,” Stephen Walt, 2022

How Kim Jong-Un Runs the World’s Most Successful Failed State,” Sue Mi Terry, 2022

Foreign-Policy Decision-Making,” Douglas Stuart, 2008

Liberal Illusions Caused the Ukraine Crisis,” Stephen Walt, 2022

South Korea’s ‘Doves’ Seek Peace through Strength,” Jongsuk Jeong, 2022

The Borgias, Neil Jordan, 2011-13

Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder, 1944

Show Me a Hero, Paul Haggis, 2016

The Fog of War, Errol Morris, 2003

All Quiet on the Western Front, Edward Berger, 2022

Denial, Mick Jackson, 2016

Brubaker, Stuart Rosenberg, 1980

Dog Day Afternoon, Sydney Lumet, 1975

The Battle at Lake Changjin, Chen Kaige, 2021

Boat People, Ann Hui, 1982

The Big Red One, Samuel Fuller, 1980

Escape from Mogadishu, Seung-Wan Ryoo, 2021

D.P., Dong-Min Kim, 2021

Attica, Stanley Nelson, 2021

Munich: The Edge of War, Christian Schwochow, 2021

The Last Duel, Ridley Scott, 2021

The Americans, seasons 1-3, Joe Weisberg, 2013-16

The Pentagon is in Desperate Need of an Intervention from the Top,” Dustin Walker, 2022

Fortifications,” Bret Deveraux, 2021

Why Intermediate Range Missiles are a Focal Point in the Ukraine Crisis,” Brennan Deveraux, 2022

To Live and Let Die: Food, Famine, and Administrative Violence in
Democratic Kampuchea, 1975-1979,” James Tyner & Stian Rice, 2015

Putin’s Wager in Russia’s Standoff with the West,” Michael Kofman, 2022

Matrix: Resurrections, Lana Wachovsky, 2021

Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay, 2021

The Book of Boba Fett, Dave Filoni, 2022

2021 Books/Articles:

Gai-Jin, James Clavell, 1994

King Rat, James Clavell, 1962

Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order, Alex Cooley and Dan Nexon, 2020

Economic Sanctions against North Korea,” Ruediger Frank, 2018

“Nuclear Anti-Proliferation Policy and the Korea Conundrum,” John Mueller, 2020

“Conventional Counterforce Dilemmas,” Ian Bowers, 2021

2021 Movies/TV:

The Reagans, Matt Tyrnauer, 2020

Gomorrah, Roberto Saviano, 2014-2021

60 Days: Designated Survivor, 2019

Jarhead, Sam Mendes, 2005

Roots, 1977

Desert One, Barbara Kopple, 2019

General Idi Amin Dada: A Self-Portrait, Barbet Schroeder, 1974

My Brothers and Sisters in the North, Sung-Hyung Cho, 2016

American FactorySteven Bognar, 2019

Ray Donovan, 2013-2020

Gomorra, 2014

Lost, 2004-2010

2020 Books/Articles:

The Lost World, Michael Crichton, 1995

Pandemic and Political Order,” Francis Fukuyama, 2020

The Stability and Breakdown of Empire: European Informal Empire in China, the Ottoman Empire, and China,” Jesse Savage, 2010

Unrest Assured: Why Unipolarity is Not Peaceful,” Nuno Monteiro, 2011

How Hegemony Ends,” Alex Cooley and Dan Nexon, 2020

A Flawed Framework: Why the Liberal International Order Concept is Misguided,” Charles Glaser, 2019

Bound to Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Liberal International Order,” John Mearsheimer, 2019

This Isn’t Sparta,” Bret Devereaux, 2019

Why Empires Reemerge: Imperial Collapse and Imperial Revival in Comparative Perspective,” Alexander Motyl, 1999

The Sparta Fetish is a Cultural Cancer,” Myke Cole, 2019

Tai-Pan, James Clavell, 1966

History will Judge the Complicit,” Anne Applebaum, 2020

How Could Vietnam Happen? An Autopsy,” James Thomson, 1968

Fighting with America, James Curran, 2016

Remaking the Middle East, Anthony Bubalo, 2018

A Wary Embrace, Bobo Lo, 2017

Choosing Openness, Andrew Leigh, 2017

2020 Movies/TV:

1917, Sam Mendes, 2019

Snowpiercer (season 1), Graeme Mason, 2020

A Resistance, 

The Man Standing Next, 

The Battle – Road to Victory





Judgment at Nuremberg

Heaven and Earth

Blood Alley

Conan the Barbarian

The Outpost


Borat Subsequent Movie Film, Jason Woliner, 2020

Mrs. America, Coco Francini, 2020

Cross of Iron, Sam Peckinpaugh, 1977

Ray Donovan, Ann Biderman, 2013-2020

Dirty Harry, Don Siegel, 1971

El Cid, Anthony Mann, 1961

Mark Felt – the Man Who Brought Down the White House, Peter Landsman, 2017

The Magnificent Ambersons, Orson Welles, 1942

The Outpost, Rod Lurie, 2020

Hotel Mumbai, Anthony Maras, 2019

Flags of Our Fathers, Clint Eastwood, 2006

Letters from Iwo Jima, Clint Eastwood, 2006

True Detective (season 3), Nic Pizzolatto, 2019

The Battle of the River Plate, Michael Powell, 1956

Sink the Bismarck!, Lewis Gilbert, 1960

White Heat, Raoul Walsh, 1949

The Big Heat, Fritz Lang, 1953

The Name of the Rose, Giacomo Battiato, 2019

Gallipoli, Peter Weir, 1981

The Battle of Jansari, Kyung-Taek Kwak, 2019

Winter in Wartime, Martin Koolhoven, 2011

War and Peace, Sergey Bondarchuk, 1968

Ali, Michael Mann, 2001

Red Cliff, John Woo, 2008

Cinema Paradiso, Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988

The Hunt, Craig Zobel, 2020

King Kong, Ernest Schoedsack, 1933

La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini, 1960

8 1/2, Federico Fellini, 1963

La Strada, Federico Fellini, 1954

L’Avventura,  Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960

Better Call Saul (season 5), Vince Gilligan, 2020

The Plot Against America, David Simon, 2020

The Thin Red Line, Terence Malick, 1998

History of the World, Part I, Mel Brooks, 1981

Adventures of Robin Hood, Michael Curtiz, 1938

Ivanhoe, Richard Thorpe, 1952

Betrayed, Costa-Garvas, 1988

Ikiru, Akira Kurosawa, 1956

Hidden Fortress, Akira Kurosawa, 1958

Ran, Akira Kurosawa, 1985

Kagemusha, Akira Kurosawa, 1980

Throne of Blood, Akira Kurosawa, 1957

The Curse of the Golden Flower, Zhang Yimou, 2006

Hero, Zhang Yimou, 2004

Shadow, Zhang Yimou, 2019

The House of Flying Daggers, Zhang Yimou, 2004

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ang Lee, 2001

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Woo-Ping Yuen, 2016

Bombshell, Jay Roach, 2019

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Robert Zemeckis, 1988

Midway, Roland Emmerich, 2019

Farinelli, Gerard Corbiau, 1994

The Man in the High Castle (season 4), Frank Spotnitz, 2019

Panfilov’s 28 Men, Andrei Shalopa, 2016

Heaven’s Gate, Michael Cimino, 1980

Mary Queen of Scots, Josie Rourke, 2018

First Man, Damien Chazelle, 2018

Kursk, Thomas Vinterberg, 2019

Joker, Todd Phillips, 2019

Tai-Pan, Daryl Duke, 1986

Night of the Generals, Anatole Litvak, 1967

2019 Books/Articles:

John Ikenberry & Daniel Nexon, “Hegemony Studies 3.0: The Dynamics of Hegemonic Orders,” 2019

James Clavell, Shogun, 1975

Mark Bowden, “Top Military Officers Unload on Trump,” 2019

George Conway, “Trump is Unfit for Office,” 2019

Michael Lind, “John Mearsheimer on International Relations, Great Power Politics, and the Age of Trump,” 2018

Meghan McConaughey, et al. “Beyond Anarchy: Logics of Political Organization, Hierarchy, and International Structure,” 2018

Michael Mastanduno, “Liberal Hegemony, International Order, and US Foreign Policy: A Reconsideration,” 2018

John Ikenberry, “Reflections on After Victory,” 2018

Van Jackson, On the Brink: Trump, Kim, and the Threat of Nuclear War, 2018

Anna Fifield, The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un, 2019

Bruce Cumings, North Korea: Another Country, 2004

Sue Mi Terry, “North Korea’s Strategic Goals and Policy towards the United States and South Korea,” 2013

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Victor Cha & David Kang, Nuclear North Korea: A Debate on Engagement Strategies, 2003

Jane Mayer, “The Makings of the Fox News White House,” 2019

Tom Clancy, Debt of Honor, 1994

2019 Movies/TV:

The War, Ken Burns, 2007

George Wallace, John Frankenhimer, 1997

The Post, Steven Spielberg, 2018

The Irishman, Martin Scorsese, 2019

Designated Survivor (season 1), Keifer Sutherland, 2016

Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino, 2019

Pumping Iron, George Butler, 1976

Chinatown, Roman Polanski, 1974

The Two Jakes, Jack Nicholson, 1990

Parasite, Joon-Ho Bong, 2019

Tales of Halloween, 2015

Serpico, Sydney Lumet, 1973

Dolores Claiborne, Taylor Hackford, 1995

The Insider, Michael Mann, 1999

Earth vs the Flying Saucers, Fred Sears, 1956

The People vs Larry Flynt Milos Forman, 1996

Gangs of News York, Martin Scorsese, 2002

The Confession, Costa-Gavras, 1970

Detroit, Kathryn Bigelow, 2017

I, Claudius, Herbert Wise, 1976

Mystery Road, Ivan Sen, 2013

Goldstone, Ivan Sen, 2018

American Gods (season 1), Bryan Fuller, 2017

The Walking Dead (seasons 1 & 2), 2010-11, Robert Kirkman

All the President’s Men, Alan Pakula, 1976

Flight 93, Peter Markle, 2005

Default,  Kook-Hee Choi, 2018

The Great Battle, Kwang-Sik Kim, 2018

True Detective (season 1), Nic Pizzolatto, 2014

Straight Outta Compton, Gary Gray, 2015

Chernobyl, Craig Mazin, 2019

Cromwell, Ken Hughes, 1970

Game of Thrones (season 8), D.B. Weiss , 2019

Breaker Morant, Bruce Beresford, 1980

The Purge (season 1), James DeMonaco, 2018

Sophie’s Choice, Alana Pakula, 1982

The Quake, John Andersen, 2018

Murder on the Orient Express, Sydney Lumet, 1974

Escape from L.A., John Carpenter

Manhunter, Michael Mann, 1986

Lord of the Flies, Peter Brook, 1963

Lord of the Flies, Harry Hook, 1989

Notorious, Alfred Hitchcock, 1946

Gotti, Kevin Connolly, 2018

The Quiet American, Philip Noyce, 2003

The Quiet American, Joseph Mankiewicz, 1958

Tokyo Trial, Peter Verhoeff, 2016

Blackkklansman, Spike Lee, 2018

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Al Gore, 2017

Operation Red Sea, Dante Lam, 2018

Lust, Caution, Ang Lee, 2007

Last Days in Vietnam, Rory Kennedy, 2014

Outland, Peter Hyams, 1981

The Flying Tigers, David Miller, 1942

Vice, Adam McKay, 2018

2018 Books/Articles:

Donald Trump’s Year of Living Dangerously,” Susan Glasser, 2018

The End of the Liberal International Order?,” John Ikenberry, 2018

Why the Liberal International Order will Survive,” John Ikenberry, 2018

Military Primacy Doesn’t Pay (Nearly As Much As You Think),” Daniel Drezner, 2013

The Persistent Myth of Lost Hegemony,” Susan Strange, 1987

Those Who Forget Historiography Are Doomed to Republish It: Empire, Imperialism and Contemporary Debates about American Power,” Paul MacDonald, 2009

Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, Barbara Demick, 2009

After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discord in the World Political Economy, Robert Keohane, 1984

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Roy Cohn, the Original Donald Trump,” Frank Rich, 2018

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The Rise of Illiberal Hegemony,” Barry Posen, 2018

Next, Michael Crichton, 2006

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Want to Strike North Korea? It’s Not Going to Go the Way You Think,” Van Jackson, 2018

The Myth of a Limited Strike on North Korea,” Abraham Denmark, 2018

Why China Won’t Rescue North Korea,” Oriana Mastro

Don’t Speak, Memory,” Nikita Petrov, 2018

China’s Cover-Up,” Orville Schell, 2018

China vs. America,” Graham Allison, 2017

Reputation and Hegemonic Stability: A Game Theoretic Analysis,” James Alt, et al., 1988

2018 TV/Movies:

The World at War, Peter Tiffin, 1973

Blow, Ted Demme, 2001

The Martian Chronicles, Michael Anderson, 1980

The Imitation Game, Morten Tyldum, 2014

The Stanford Prison Experiment, Kyle Alvarez, 2015

Chappaquidick, John Curran, 2018

Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Stefano Sollima, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ron Howard, 2018

Citizen Cohn, Frank Pierson, 1992

Sir! No Sir!, David Zeiger, 2006

1987, Joon-Hwan Jang, 2017

Silence, Martin Scorsese, 2017

The Looming Tower, 2018

Hoffa, Danny Devito, 1992

Thirteen, Catherine Hardwick, 2003

A Bridge Too Far, Richard Attenborough, 1977

The Manchurian CandidateJohn Frankenheimer, 1962

Ironclads, Delbert Mann, 1990

Why We Fight, Frank Capra, 1942-45

Andersonville, John Frankenheimer, 1996

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, 2017

The Eagle Has Landed, John Sturges, 1976

2017 Books/Articles:

War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy, 1869

The Impossible State: North Korea Past and Future, Victor Cha, 2012

The Madness of Donald Trump,” Matt Taibbi, 2017

Strategy in the Contemporary World (fifth edition), John Baylis, James Wirtz, Colin Gray, 2016

Russia’s Perpetual Geopolitics,” Stephen Kotkin, 2017

Will the Liberal Order Survive?,” Joseph Nye, 2017

The New Class War,” Michael Lind, 2017

Samuel Huntington, a Prophet for the Trump Era,” Carlos Lozada, 2017

Saratoga: Turning Point of America’s Revolutionary War, Richard Ketchum, 1997

When Pat Buchanan Tried to Make America Great Again,” Sam Tanenhaus, 2017

North Korea and Support to Terrorism: An Evolving History,” Bruce Bechtol, 2010

Global Korea: The National Security Strategy of the Republic of Korea,” Myung-Bak Lee, 2009

“A New Era of Hope: National Security Strategy,” Geun-Hye Park, 2014

Development of Countermeasures against North Korean Cyberterrorism through Research Case Studies,” Yong-Joon Lee et al., 2015

Homegrown Terrorism: South Korea’s Next Challenge against Terrorism,” Steve Sin, 2009

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Emotional Beliefs,” John Mercer, 2010

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Applied Regression: An Introductionsecond edition, Colin Lewis-Beck & Michael Lewis-Beck, 2015

2017 Films/TV:

The Man in the High Castle (season 2), Frank Spotznitz, 2016

Il Divo, Paolo Sorrentino, 2009

Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve, 2017

The Handmaid’s Tale (season 1), Daniel Wilson, 2017

Battleship Island, Seung-Wan Ryoo, 2017

Yamato, Junya Sato, 2005

Geostorm, Dean Devlin, 2017

War and Peace, Tom Harper, 2016

The Vietnam War, Ken Burns, 2017

The China Syndrome, James Bridges, 1979

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, Mario van Peebles, 2016

World War III, David Greene, 1982

The Hindenburg, Robert Wise, 1975

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Wizard of Lies, Barry Levinson, 2017

The Exception, David Leveaux, 2017

RKO 281, Benjamin Ross, 1999

Homeland (season 6), Alex Gansa, 2017

Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes, Matt Reeves, 2017

Better Call Saul (season 3), Vince Gilligan, 2017

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz, Brian Knappenberger, 2014

24, (season 8, Live Another DayLegacy), Joel Surnow, 2010, 2014, 2017

The Great Wall, Yimou Zhang, 2016

Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott, 2017

Ghost in the Shell, Rupert Sanders, 2017

The Crown (season 1),  Peter Morgan, 2016

Steve Jobs, Danny Boyle, 2015

House of Cards (season 5), David Fincher, 2017

War Machine, David Michod, 2017

Deepwater Horizon, Peter Berg, 2016

Hell or High Water, David Mackenzie, 2016

Arrival, Denis Villeneuve, 2016

A Brief History of Time, Errol Morris, 1992

Enemy, Denis Villeneuve, 2014

The Accountant, Gavin O’Connor, 2016

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Star Trek: The Next Generation (seasons 1-4), Gene Rodenberry, 1987-1990

The Civil War, Ken Burns, 1992

Planet Earth II, David Attenborough, 2016

Game of Thrones (season 7), D.B. Weiss , 2017

Star Wars: Rebels (season 3), Dave Filoni, 2016-17

2016, Concerts:

Beethoven, Seventh Symphony

Beethoven, Third Symphony

Beethoven, Fourth Symphony

Beethoven, Fifth Piano Concerto

Brahms, Second Symphony

Bruch, Kol Nidrei

Bruch, Violin Concerto # 1

Faure, Requiem

Glinka, Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture

Gounod, Messe Solennelle

Grieg, Piano Concerto

Mendelssohn, Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage Overture

Mozart, Flute Concerto # 2

Mozart, Don Giovanni Overture

Mozart, Marriage of Figaro Overture

Mozart, Haffner Symphony

Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition

Ravel, Mother Goose

Schubert, Third Symphony

Schumann, First Symphony

Shostakovitch, First Piano Concerto

Tchaikovsky, Fourth Symphony

Tchaikovsky, Fifth Symphony

Tchaikovsky, Cappricio Italien Overture

Wagner, Meistersinger Overture

2016, Books/Articles:

Jihad vs McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism are Reshaping the World, Benjamin Barber, 1995

When Nationalism Strikes Back,” Michael Lind, 2016

Too Much Law, and Too Little Infrastructure,” Francis Fukuyama, 2016

Populism is Not Fascism,” Sheri Berman, 2016

Brave New War,” Peter Pomerantsev, 2015

War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable,” David Gompert, Astrid Cevallos, Cristina Garafalo, 2016

The Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Barnett, 2004

The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, Samuel Huntington, 1996

The Dark History of Donald Trump’s Right-Wing Revolt,” Timothy Shenk, 2016

A Cure for Trumpism,” Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam, 2016

Inside the Fraternity of Haters and Losers who Drove Donald Trump to the GOP Nomination,” McKay Coppins, 2016

Radical Chic: That Party at Lenny’s…,” Tom Wolfe, 1970

The Republican Party’s White Strategy,” Peter Beinart, 2016

Reader, She Married Him – Alas,” Theodore Dalrymple, 1995

When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism,” Jonathan Haidt, 2016

The Case for Offshore Balancing,” Stephen Walt & John Mearsheimer, 2016

The Imperialism of Free Trade,” John Gallagher & Ronald Robinson, 1953

Britain’s Point of No Return,” Matthias Matthijs, 2016

Please Leave,” Camille Pecastaing, 2016

The Truth about Trade,” Douglas Irwin, 2016

The End of the Old Israel,” Aluf Benn, 2016

The Normative Foundations of Hegemony and the Coming Challenge to American Hegemony,” Charles Kupchan, 2014

American Political Decay or Renewal?,” Francis Fukuyama, 2016

The Once and Future Superpower,” Stephen Brooks and William Wohlforth, 2016

New World Order,” Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee, and Michael Spence, 2016

Russia’s Perpetual Geopolitics,” Stephen Kotkin, 2016

Eurasia’s Coming Anarchy,” Robert Kaplan, 2016

Eight Causes of Trumpism,” Norm Ornstein, 2016

America has Never been so Ripe for Tyranny,” Andrew Sullivan, 2016

Lights Out for the Putin Regime,” Alexander Motyl, 2016

The Return of the Middle American Radical,” John Judis, 2015

From Household to Nation: The Middle American Populism of Pat Buchanan,” Samuel Francis, 1996

Unmaking England,” Benjamin Schwarz, 2016

Not a very P.C. Thing to Say,” Jonathan Chait, 2015

The Corporate Takeover of Economic Discourse in Korea,” Bong-Hyun Lee, 2016

The Triumph of Email,” Adrienne LaFrance, 2016

The Long History of Leading from Behind,” Stephen Sestanovich, 2016

What Went Wrong: Assessing the Obama Legacy,” David Bromwich, 2015

The Neoliberal Arts,” William Deresiewicz, 2015

The Return of the 1920s,” Richard Yeselson, 2015

2016, Films/TV:

Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe, 2000

Sound of Music, Robert Wise, 1965

Operation Chromite, John Lee, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One, Gareth Edwards, 2016

Inferno, Ron Howard, 2016

Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore, 2016

Krampus, Micahel Dougherty, 2015

Star Trek (seasons 1-2), Gene Rodenberry, 1966-67

Hamburger Hill, John Irvin, 1987

Under the Sun, Vitaly Manskiy, 2016

The Strain (season 3), Guillermo del Toro, 2016

Westworld (season 1), Jonathan Nolan, 2016

Skyjacked, John Guillerman, 2972

Boardwalk Empire (seasons 2-5),  Terence Winter, 2011-2014

The Green Room, Jeremy Saulnier, 2016

Gojira, Inoshiro Honda, 1956

Night Train to Munich, Carol Reed, 1940

Amerigeddon, Mike Norris, 2016

Two-Minute Warning, Larry Peerce, 1976

Before Midnight, Richard Linklater, 2013

Mississippi Burning, Alan Parker, 1988

Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilder, 1950

Pi, Darren Aronofsky, 1998

Ordinary People, Robert Redford, 1980

All the Way, Jay Roach, 2016

The Great McGinty, Preston Sturges, 1940

Chimes at Midnight, Orson Welles, 1965

Executive Action, David Milller, 1973

United Red Army, Koji Wakamatsu, 2011

The Threepenny Opera, Georg Pabst, 1931

City of God, Fernando Meirelles, 2003

11.22.63, J.J. Abrams, 2016

The Panic in Needle Park, Jerry Schatzberg, 1971

The President’s Last Bang, Sang-Soo Lim, 2005

Gods and Generals, Ronald Maxwell, 2003

Glenngarry Glen Ross, James Foley, 1992

A War, Tobias Lindholm, 2016

A Hijacking, Tobias Lindholm, 2013

Empire of the Sun, Steven Spielberg, 1987

1941, Steven Spielberg, 1979

Triumph of the Will, Leni Riefenstahl, 1934

Flowers of War, Yimou Zhang, 2011

Boyhood, Richard Linklater, 2014

Heart of Darkness, Nicolas Roeg, 1994

Money Monster, Jodie Foster, 2016

Fort Apache, the Bronx, Daniel Petrie, 1981

Coffy, Jack Hill, 1973

Foxy Brown, Jack Hill, 1974

Rabin – the Last Day, Amos Gitai, 2016

America: Imagine a World Without Her, Dinesh D’Souza, 2014

The Beginning of the Great Revival, Jianxin Huang, 2011

Attack on Leningrad, Aleksandr Buravsky, 2011

1944, Elmo Nüganen, 2014

Night and Fog, Alain Resnais, 1955

Rio Bravo, Howard Hawks, 1959

Meteor, Ronald Neame, 1979

The Purge: Election Year, James DeMonaco, 2016

Eye in the Sky, Gavin Hood, 2016

Occupied (season 1), Karianne Lung, 2015

Peppermint Candy, Chang-Dong Lee, 1999

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Chan-Wook Park , 2005

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Chan-Wook Park, 2002

The Housemaid, Ki-Young Kim, 1960

The Housemaid, Sang-Soo Im, 2011

Secret Sunshine, Chang-Dong- Lee, 2010

Colors, Dennis Hopper, 1988

Chungking Express, Kar-Wai Won, 1994

Game of Thrones (season 6), David Benioff, 2016

Burnt by the Sun, Nikita Mikhalkov, 1994

Burnt by the Sun 2, Nikita Mikhalkov, 2010

The Battle of SevastopolSergeiy Mokritskiy, 2015

Sans Soleil, Chris Marker, 1983

Spies, Fritz Lang, 1928

Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Fritz Lang, 1922

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, Fritz Lang, 1933

The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, Fritz Lang, 1960

M, Fritz Lang, 1931

The Nibelungs, Fritz Lang, 1924

Faust, F.W. Murnau, 1926

Baraka, Ron Fricke, 1993

Samsara, Ron Fricke, 2012

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Michael Bay, 2016

The Battle of Britain, Guy Hamilton, 1969

Tora, Tora, Tora, Richard Fleischer, 1970

The Holcroft Covenant, John Frankenheimer, 1985

Assassination, Dong-Hoon Choi, 2015

The Blues Brothers, John Landis, 1980

The Blues Brothers 2000, John Landis, 1997

Northern Limit Line, Hak-Soon Kim, 2015

This is Spinal Tap, Rob Reiner, 1984

Better Call Saul (season 2), Vince Gilligan, 2016

London Has Fallen, Babak Najafi, 2016

Homeland (season 5), David Semel, 2015

MASH, Robert Altman, 1970

Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Richard Brooks, 1977

King Rat, Bryan Forbes, 1965

Tai-Pan, Daryl Duke, 1986

Amarcord, Federico Fellini, 1974

Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler, 2013

The Long Good Friday, John Mackenzie, 1982

The Man Who Would Be King, John Huston, 1975

The Revenant, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, 2015

Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang, Colin Offland, 2015

The Big Short, Adam McKay, 2015

House of Cards (seasons 3-4), Beau Willimon, 2015-16

The Wave, Roar Uthaug, 2015

Baraka, Ron Fricke, 2993

Beasts of No Nation, Cary Fukunaga, 2015

Khartoum, Eliot Elisofon, 1966

Days of Being Wild, Wong Kar-Wai, 1990

In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar-Wai, 2001

2046, Wong Kar-Wai, 2005

The Man in the High Castle (season 1), Frank Spotnitz, 2015

Omagh, Paul Greengrass, 2004

Rome, Open City, Robert Rossellini, 1946

Paisan, Roberto Rossellini, 1948

Germany, Year Zero, Roberto Rossellini, 1949

Blue is the Warmest Color, Abdel Kechiche, 2013

In the Realm of the Senses, Nagisa Oshima, 1976

Slacker Uprising, Michael Moore, 2008

Camp X-Ray, Peter Sattler, 2014

Star Wars: Rebels (seasons 1-2), David Filoni, 2014-16

Sicario, Denis Villeneuve,2015

Bone Tomahawk, Craig Zahler, 2015

A.D., Stuart Cooper, 1985

The Banquet, Feng Xiaogang, 2006


2015, books/articles:

The Tragedy of the American Military,” James Fallow, 2015

The Great Republican Revolt,” David Frum, 2015

Why America is Moving Left,” Peter Beinart, 2015

Contain ISIS,” Barry Posen, 2015

Migrant Crisis? Europe Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet,” Douglas Murray, 2015

Realists as Optimists: Cooperation as Self-Help,” Charles Glaser, 1994

Illusions of Empire: Defining the New American Order,” John Ikenberry, 2004

The American Tributary System,” Yuen Foong Khong, 2013

Legitimating Power: The Domestic Politics of US Hierarchy,” David Lake, 2013

Security Communities, Emanuel Adler and Michael Barnett, eds., 1998

Inside the GOP Clown Car,” Matt Taibi, 2015

Analytical Eclecticism in the Study of World Politics,” Rudra Sil & Peter Katzenstein, 2010

Korean Courage to Deal with Japan,” Leif-Eric Easley, 2014

America: Addicted to War, Afraid of Peace,” Gregory Daddis, 2015

Dear President Bush,” Andrew Sullivan, 2009

China’s Place in US Foreign Policy,” Karl Eikenberry, 2015

Whatever It Takes: The Politics of the Man Behind ’24’,” Jane Mayer, 2007

Unhappy Days for America,” Nicholas Lemann, 2015

Broken Windows,” James Q. Wilson & George Kelling, 1982

A New Interpretation of Korea-Japan Relations: ‘Rights Revolution’ of Sex Slaves and Forced Laborers in the Courtroom,” Ja-hyun Chun and Youcheer Kim, 2014

Democracy and Diversionary Incentives in Japan–South Korea Disputes,” Koji Kagotani, Kan Kimura, & Jeffrey R. Weber, 2014

Memory Politics and Ontological Security in Sino-Japanese Relations,” Karl Gustafsson, 2014

Memorializing Comfort Women: Memory and Human Rights in Korea-Japan Relations,” Min-Young Kim, 2014

Historical Animosity is What States Make of It : The Role of Morality and Realism in Korea-Japan Relations,” Tae-Ryong Yoon, 2011

Reactive Nationalism and South Korea’s Foreign Policy on China and Japan: A Comparative Analysis,” Chung-In Moon & Chun-Fu Li, 2010

The Role of Political Leadership in the Formation of Korea-Japan Relations in the Post–Cold War Era,” Hosup Kim, 2011

North Korea’s State-Loyalty Advantage,” B. R. Myers, 2011

Where are They? Why I Hope the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Finds Nothing,” Nick Bostrum, 2008

Reconciling Colonial Memories in Korea and Japan,” David Hundt and Roland Bleiker, 2007

International Reconciliation in the Postwar Era, 1945-2005: A Comparative Study of Japan-ROK and Franco German Relations,” Yangmo Ku, 2008

Historical beliefs and the Perception of Threat in Northeast Asia: Colonialism, the Tributary System, and China–Japan–Korea relations in the Twenty-First Century,” Peter Gries et al., 2008

Creating the National Other: Opposing Images of Nationalism in South and North Korean Education,” Dennis Hart, 1999

Hate, Power, and Identity in Japan–Korea Security: Towards a Synthetic Material-Ideational Analytical Framework,” Victor Cha, 2000

The Politics of Identity: History, Nationalism, and the Prospect for Peace in Post-Cold War East Asia,” Sheila Jager, 2007

What ISIS Really Wants,” Graeme Wood, 2015

Overcoming the Negative Legacy of the Past: Why Europe is a Positive Example for East Asia,” Andrew Hovart, 2004

The Politics of the Dokdo Issue,” Sung-Jae Choi, 2005

Unraveling the Japan-South Korea ‘Virtual Alliance’: Populism and Historical Revisionism in the Face of Conflicting Regional Strategies,” Gilbert Rozman & Shin-Wha Lee, 2006

How to Deter China,” Andrew Krepinevich, 2015

Is China Next?,” Francis Fukuyama, 2011

The Break-Up,” John Judis, 2015

Abandonment, Entrapment, and Neoclassical Realism in Asia: The United States, Japan, and Korea,” Victor Cha, 2000

The Decline of International Studies,” Charles King, 2015

A World without Work,” Derek Thompson, 2015

Showa History, Rising Nationalism, and the Abe Government,” Herbert Bix, 2015

2015, films/TV

Breaking Bad (seasons 3-5), Vince Gilligan, 2010-13

The Gathering Storm, Richard Loncraine, 2002

The Strain (season 2), Guillermo Del Toro, 2015

Into the Storm, Thaddeus O’Sullivan, 2008

Baadasssss!, Mario Van Peebles, 2003

Four Months, Three Weeks, and Two Days, Cristian Mungiu, 2007

Shaka Zulu, William Faure, 1986

Black Mass, Scott Cooper, 2015

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Morgan Spurlock, 2011

The Kill Team, Dan Krauss, 2014

Video Games: The Movie, Jeremy Snead, 2014

Repo Man, Alex Cox, 1984

House of Cards (seasons 1 – 2), Beau Willimon, 2013-14

Rewind This!, Josh Johnson, 2013

Dragon Blade, Daniel Lee, 2015

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, JJ Abrahms, 2015

The 300 Spartans, Rudolph Mate, 1962

The Martian, Ridley Scott, 2015

Strange Days, Kathryn Bigelow, 1995

Amerika, Donald Wyre, 1987

Better Call Saul (season 1), Vince Gilligan, 2015

The Purge, James DeMonaco, 2013

The Purge: Anarchy, James DeMonaco, 2014

Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller, 2015

Narc, Joe Carnahan, 2002

The Robe, Henry Koster, 1953

1900, Bernardo Bertolucci, 1976

Black Rain, Ridley Scott, 1989

Chappie, Neill Blomkamp, 2015

Nymphomaniac, Lars von Trier, 2014

American Sniper, Clint Eastwood, 2015

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, Robert Parrish, 1969

The Land that Time Forgot, Kevin Connor, 1975

This Island Earth, Jack Arnold, 1955

The Admiral: Roaring Currents, Han-Min Kim, 2014

Black Sunday, John Frankenheimer, 1977

The Wire (seasons 4 & 5), David Simon, 2006, 2008

Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood, 1992

24 (seasons 6-7), Kiefer Sutherland, 2007-09

Terminator: Genisys, Alan Taylor, 2015

Citizenfour, Laura Poitras, 2014

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, Melvin van Peebles, 1971

Star Wars: Clone Wars (seasons 3-6), David Filoni, 2010-14

Thief, Michael Mann, 1981

Rec 4, Jaume Balaguero, 2014

The Bridge, Bernhard Wicki, 1959

A Christmas Horror Story, Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban, & Brett Sullivan, 2015

My Dinner with Andre, Louis Malle, 1981

Homeland (seasons 3 & 4), David Semel, 2013-14

Bridge of Spies, Steven Spielberg, 2015

Hard Boiled, John Woo, 1992

Bullet in the Head, John Woo, 1990

Downton Abbey (seasons 4 – 6), Julian Fellowes, 2013-15


2014, books/articles:

Rising China and the Evolution of China-North Korea Relations,” Hochul Lee, 2014

Chinese Perspectives on North Korea and Unification,” Sunny Lee, 2013

China’s Position on Korean Unification and ROK-PRC Relations,” Heung-Kyu Kim, 2014

A Korea Whole and Free,” Sue Mi Terry, 2014

The End of the American World Order, Amitav Acharya, 2014

China’s Impact on Korean Peninsula Unification and Some Questions for the Senate,” US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Minority (Republican) Staff, 2012

China on Korean Reunification: Spoiler, Beneficiary, or Something in
Between?,” Greogory Macris, 2013

The Eternal Collapse of Russia,” Paul Starobin, 2014

The Illusion of Chinese Weakness,” Clark Barrett, 2014

Limited War is Back,” Jakub Grygiel & Weiss Mitchell, 2014

Shaping Globalization,” Martin Wolf, 2014

National Role Conceptions in the ‘Global Korea’ Foreign Policy Strategy,” Heike Hermanns, 2013

Liberalism’s Beleaguered Victory,” Abram Shulsky, 2014

What Does North Korea Want from China? Understanding Pyongyang’s Policy Priorities toward Beijing,” Sukhoon Hong, 2014

Political Community and the North Atlantic Area, Karl Deutsch et al., 1957

Japan in 2013: Abenomics and Abegeopolitics,” Takashi Inogouchi, 2014

America in Decay: The Sources of Political Dysfunction,” Francis Fukuyama, 2014

South Korea in 2013: Meeting New Challenges with the Old Guard,” Yul Sohn & Won-Taek Kang, 2014

China and the Korean Peninsula: Playing for the Long-Term,” David Shambaugh, 2003

China’s Policy toward (South) Korea: Objectives of and Obstacles to the Strategic Partnership,” Heeok Lee, 2010

The RoK’s China Policy under Park Geun-Hye: A Model of RoK-PRC Relations,” Jae-ho Hwang, 2014

China-North Korea Relations,” Congressional Research Service, 2010

China’s North Korea Policy,” Bates Gill, 2011

Just How Likely is Another World War?,” Graham Allison, 2014

Effects-Based Operations: Change in the Nature of Warfare,” David Deptula, 2001

Five Ways the Soviet Union Could have Won the Cold War,” Tom Nichols, 2014

Armies of Snow and Armies of Sand: The Impact of Soviet Military Doctrine on Arab Militaries,” Michael Eisenstadt and Kenneth Pollack, 2001

Should Security Studies Survive?,” Richard Betts, 1997

The End of American Exceptionalism,” Peter Beinart, 2014

The Sinic World in Perspective,” Edwin Reischauer, 1974

The Illusion of Chinese Power,” David Shambaugh, 2014

Pivot Problems: What Washington Should Concede in Asia,” Jennifer Lind, 2014

America’s Ultimate Strategy in a Clash with China,” TX Hammes & RD Hooker, 2014

Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire,” Robert Kagan, 2014

The Fifty-First State?,” James Fallows, 2002

Bush’s Lost Year,” James Fallows, 2002

Blind into Baghdad,” James Fallows, 2004

To the Precinct Station: How Theory Meet Practice…and Drove it Crazy,” Thomas Frank, 2012

Kludge-ocracy: The American Way of Policy,” Steven Teles, 2012

The Case for American Nationalism,” Michael Lind, 2014

The Myth of America’s Triumph,” Michael Lind, 2014

The Empire Proejct: The Rise and Fall of the British World-System, 1830-1970, John Darwin, 2009

‘The Empire Will Compensate You’: The Structural Dynamics of the U.S. Overseas Basing Network,” Daniel Nexon and Alexander Cooley, 2013

After Anarchy: Legitimacy and Power in the United Nations Security Council, Ian Hurd, 2007

How China and America See Each Other,” Mixin Pei, 2014

Imperial Bedrooms, Bret Easton Ellis, 2010

Why the Tea Party’s Hold Persists,” Theda Skocpol, 2014

Legitimacy in International Society, Ian Clark, 2005

America Unhinged,” John Mearsheimer, 2014

2014, films/TV:

The World According to Dick Cheney, RJ Cutler, 2013

Noble House, James Clavell, 1988

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Peter Jackson, 2014

The Interview, Seth Rogan, 2014

Holiday Inn, Mark Sandrich, 1942

City Lights, Charlie Chaplin, 1931

Spartacus, Steven DeKinght, 2010-13

When Worlds Collide, Rudolph Mate, 1951

Forbidden Planet, Fred Wilcox, 1956

Exodus: God and Kings, Ridley Scott, 2014

Mr. Arkadin, Orson Welles, 1962

Fury, David Ayer, 2014

The Strain (season 1), Guillermo Del Toro, 2014

Typhoon, Kyung-Taek Kwak, 2005

Beasts of the Southern Wild, Benh Zeitlin, 2012

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, David Hand, 1937

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, Godfrey Reggio, 1983

Emperor, Peter Webber, 2013

R2B: Return to Base, Dong-Won Kim, 2012

Le Samourai, Jean-Pierre Melville, 1967

Le Cercle Rouge, Jean-Pierre Melville, 1970

Game of Thrones, (seasons 4 & 5), David Benioff, 2014-15

Recount, Jay Roach, 2008

The Newsroom (season 1), Aaron Sorkin, 2012

Boardwalk Empire (season 1), Terence Winter, 2010

Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Mamoru Oshi, 1996/2008

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Mamoru Oshi, 2004

Twelve O’Clock High, Henry King, 1949

Known Unknowns, Errol Morris, 2014

Comandante, Oliver Stone, 2003

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Jonas Pate, 2012

Stalingrad, Fyodor Bondarchuk, 2014

Klute, Alan Pakula, 1971

Heartbreak Ridge, Clint Eastwood, 1986

Homeland (season 2), David Semel, 2012

Navy Seals, Lewis Teague, 1990

The Devils, Ken Russell, 1971

Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo, 2001

JSA: Joint Security Area, Chan-Wook Park, 2000

Shiri, Je-Gyu Kang, 1999

City Hall, Harold Becker, 1996

Cloud Atlas, Wachowski Brothers, 2012

Eichmann, Robert Young, 2007

Katyn, Andrzej Wajda, 2007

Caprica (season 1), Ronald Moore, 2010

Spring Breakers, Harmony Korrine, 2013

Lone Survivor, Peter Berg, 2013

47 Ronin, Carl Rinsch, 2013

Seal Team 6: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden, John Stockwell, 2012

Carlos, Olivier Assayas, 2010

The Fall of the Roman Empire, Anthony Mann, 1964

Shogun, Jerry London, 1980

The Stand, Mick Garris, 1994

Monsters, Gareth Evans, 2010

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, George Lucas, 1992-93

Parkland, Peter Landesman, 2013

Fantastic Voyage, Richard Fleischer, 1966

Parallax View, Alan Pakula, 1974

Zulu Dawn, Douglas Hickox, 1979

Kill the Irishman, Jonathan Hensleigh, 2011

Zulu Dawn, Douglas Hickox, 1979

League of Denial, Frontline, 2013

Breaking Bad (season 2), Vince Gilligan, 2009

Snowpiercer, Joon-hu Bong, 2013

American Hustle, David O’Russell, 2013

Mad Men (season 1), Matthew Weiner, 2007

The Boondock Saints I & II, Troy Duffy, 1999, 2009

The Monuments Men, George Clooney,  2013

Rescue Dawn, Werner Herzong, 2006

Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese, 2013

12 Years a Slave, Steve McQueen, 2013

Untold History of the United States, Oliver Stone, 2012

300: Rise of an Empire, Noam Murro, 2014

The Wire, (season 2 & 3), David Simon, 2003, 2004

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, Niels Arden Oplev, 2009

Downton Abbey, (seasons 2 & 3), Julian Fellowes, 2012, 2012

Twin Peaks, David Lynch, 1990-91

Twin Peaks – Fire Walk with Me, David Lynch, 1992


2013, books/articles:

After Victory: Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order After Major Wars, John Ikenberry, 2000

The Once and Future King, T. H. White, 1958

The Rise of the New New Left,” Peter Beinart, 2013

State of Fear, Michael Crichton, 2004

Two-State Illusion,” Ian Lustick, 2013

Restarting the Six-Party Talks: Russia’s Dilemmas and Current Perspectives,” Stephen Blank and Younkyoo Kim, 2012

The Failed Grand Strategy in the Middle East,” Walter Russell Mead, 2013

Facing the Crucible: Australia, the ROK, and Cooperation in Asia,” William Tow and Ajin Choi, 2011

Asia’s Looming Power Shift,” Rajan Menon, 2013

Socialization and Hegemonic Power,” John Ikenberry and Charles Kupchan, 1990

Liberal Leviathan: The Origins, Crisis, and Transformation of the American World Order, John Ikenberry, 2012

Bad Reputation,” Jonathan Mercer, 2013

Congressional Abdication,” Jim Webb, 2013

The Sovereign State and Its Competitors: An Analysis of Systems Change, Hendrik Spruyt, 1994

The Mythical Liberal Order,” Naazneen Barma, Ely Ratner, and Steven Weber, 2013

A Wasted Crisis? Why the Democrats did so little to change Wall Street,” Paul Starr, 2013

Europe: Strategic Drifter,” Jakub Grygiel, 2013

The European Union and South Korea: The Legal Framework for
Strengthening Trade, Economic, and Political Relations, ed. James Harrison, 2013

Why Middle East Monarchies Survive,” Robert Kaplan, 2013

Egypt’s Entrenched Military,” Daniel Kurtzer, 2013

Israel’s Fraying Image,” Jacob Heilbrunn, 2013

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Challenges for Korean Unification Planning,” Victor Cha & David Kang, 2011

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The Logic of Historical Explanation in the Social Sciences,” James Mahoney, Erin Kimball, and Kendra Koivu, 2009

Path Dependence in Historical Sociology,” James Mahoney, 2000

The Next Korean War,” Keir Lieber & Daryl Press, 2013

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Narrative, Event-Structure Analysis, and Causal Interpretation in Historical Sociology,” Larry Griffin, 1993

Israel’s Warlords,” Aluff Benn, 2013

The Putin Doctrine,” Leon Aron, 2013

Building Asia Pacific Regional Architecture: The Challenge of Hybrid Regionalism,” Richard Hu, 2009

The End of the Two-State Solution,” Ben Birbaum, 2013

Red White,” Ben Steil, 2013

Regional Multilateralism in Asia and the Korean Question,” Won-hyuk Kim, 2009

South Korean and Taiwanese Development and the New Institutional Economics,” David Kang, 1995

International Relations Theory and the Second Korean War,” David Kang, 2003

How Bush Bungled Asia: Militarism, Economic Indifference and Unilateralism have weakened the United States across Asia,” TJ Pempel, 2008

The United States and Asia after Bush,” Michael Green, 2008, and “A Response to Michael Green,” TJ Pempel, 2008

Don’t Come Home, America: The Case against Retrenchment,” Stephen Brooks, John Ikenberry & William Wohlforth, 2013

Stability and Change in US Foreign Policy,” Barry Posen, 2007

Pull Back,” Barry Posen, 2013

The US-Japan Alliance: Anchoring Stability in Asia,” Joseph Nye & Richard Armitage

The Advantages of an Assertive China,” Thomas Christensen, 2011

Air-Sea Battle,” Norton Schwartz and Jonathan Greenert, 2012

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The Myth of Asia’s Miracle,” Paul Krugman, 1994

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China Engages Asia? Caveat Lector,” Nicholas Khoo, Michael Smith, and David Shambaugh, 2005

Is China a Status Quo Power?,” A. I. Johnston, 2003

American Political Methodology Debate: Where is the Battlefield?,” Bernhard Kittel, 2005, and “Clarifying Comparative-Historical Methodology,” James Mahoney, 2005

Why Republicans are the Party of White People,” Sam Tanenhaus, 2013

H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable on Richard K. Betts. American Force: Dangers, Delusions, and Dilemmas in National Security (2012),” Loch Johnson, et al., 2012

How We would Fight China,” Robert Kaplan, 2005

Hegemon on the Horizon? China’s Threat to East Asian Security,” Denny Roy, 1994

Extremism in Defense of Liberty” and “Upon Further Review: A CRB discussion of Political Extremism,” William Vogeli, et al., 2012-13

After KKV: The New Methodology of Qualitative Research,” James Mahoney, 2010

Symposium: Alexander George and Andrew Bennett’s Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences (2005),” Jack Levy, et al., 2006

Case Studies and the Statistical Worldview: Review of King, Keohane, and Verba’s Designing Social Inquiry: Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research (1994),” Timothy McKeown, 1999

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W., Oliver Stone, 2008

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