Sharia Orwellianism Update, or Why the GWoT Rolls on and on…

Yet another attack on a Mohammed cartoonist in Europe, complete with violent, alienated, unintegrated Muslim youth screaming ‘Allah akhbar’ at bewildered Europeans…


The relevant context is here and here.

This sorta stuff just makes my blood boil, because it lays so bare the splits between western liberalism and Middle Eastern salafism. This pretty much tells you why the war on terrorism continues, as does the West’s concern about Islam, despite Obama’s election. And it should make pretty clear why it is important to fight the GWoT and win it.

If you haven’t seen the original Mohammed cartoons, here they are. If you are ‘offended,’ then I am elated. Liberalism is good for you. I am proud to re-post them. Go surf someplace else…


7 thoughts on “Sharia Orwellianism Update, or Why the GWoT Rolls on and on…

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  2. Tom, balls? Really? Bob is in a Christian church preaching Christ. Let’s see him walk into a Baghdad mosque, draw Mohammad cartoons and preach Christ. Like they say even a sewer-rat is a king in his own sewer.


  3. Yes, it’s fair to criticize Bob for publishing Mohammed cartoons on a blog he runs vs. publishing them in a blog he doesn’t own, and from a country he actually lives in vs. a country he’s never even been to. Totally, completely fair. EXCELLENT point.


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