Merry Christmas – Some Asian Humor – See you in a Few Weeks


That’s our Christmas tree, the only one in our building…


It is the Christmas season, and I need a break from blogging. For my previous thoughts on Christmas in Korea, try here. But I certainly hope you have a nice holiday and be sure to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Next year, I will post my comments on my 2010 predictions. I did ok on them – about 50%. I will also list some new predictions and try tougher ones. My 2010 ones were a little tame and too easy.

I also want to expand my reach more beyond Korea and (less so) China. Inevitably, I seem to write on Korea a lot, because it is where I live and because of the US commitment here, as well as China just because it is so important. Next year, I am planning cooperation with the excellent Japan Security Watch to produce more stuff on Japan as well. Reader comments on the utility and direction of the blog are always welcome.

(For a bit of new content in passing, I think this article is worth pointing out to American readers. I continue to be impressed at the humanity of crime and punishment in Korea. Crime here is far less widespread and violent than in the US; Korea is wonderfully safe. And the criminal justice system and the police are more balanced and humane than the US flirtation with militarized policing and torture. Score one for the Koreans.)

So here is a little Korean-Asian humor for the winter break. Enjoy. WARNING: It includes vulgarity, but it is pretty hilarious.




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